Dental Hygienist Interview Tips

dentist ready for patient featured

Tons of people fear interviews; and, why shouldn’t they? An interview decides the fate of your entire career after all your student loan debts, your stressful classroom hours and loads of practical exercises. Medical students are especially scared since they have probably invested more time and money than anyone else out there. After that, if they cannot pass the interview, then all was for naught. But don’t worry, with these interview tips for a dental hygienist, you are sure to be working with a dentist in no time!

Be Prepared

Being prepared is the first rule of going to an interview. You need to find out about their company/firm/institution. You need to know what their policies are, what their motto is, and if they are working on anything new. This will show that you took initiative and are as interested in the job as you claim to be. It will also help you decide if you are fit for the job or not. If their policy doesn’t agree with you, you can politely decline their offer and look for employment elsewhere.

Wear Your Best Smile

Remember the post you are applying for. If a dental hygienist turns up to an interview with dirty teeth and bad breath, they might as well give up on being one. Brush your teeth properly and use a good mouthwash. You need to show them that you practice what you preach. Aside from this, make sure that your attire is in perfect condition and you are groomed for the post. If needed, reach a few minutes before the interview, let the receptionist know you have reached and get everything in order. Being organized is key.

Practice the questions

Every interview is essentially a bunch of people asking you a lot of questions. Some of these may be aptitude based and not related to the job. These questions test your thinking skills and give them insight into your nature. What you need to remember to do in these questions are to make the answers relevant to the job position. They should also have a positive note without belittling anyone. The following are some examples of such questions –

  • “Tell me about yourself”.
  • “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”
  • “What do you think of your last boss?”
  • “How much salary are you expecting?”

After such questions, they are bound to ask you a few technical ones to see if you really know your stuff. Be careful, since some of these may be trick questions. Think cautiously and answer. Ensure that you answer concisely and relatively quickly. Look at some of the examples below –

  • “How to prevent Tooth Decay?”
  • “What is the difference between a dental hygienist and a dental assistant?”
  • “What causes Plaque?”
  • “How would you use ______ tool?”

It best to revise some of the technical concepts before the interview as you never know what they might ask. As for the aptitude questions are concerned, remember to write them down and practice them a bit so that you don’t fumble or hesitate during them.

Ask the right questions

Usually, at the end of the interview, they give you a chance to get any remaining doubts cleared up. At this point ask the right questions. These questions reflect your interest in the job and your seriousness about it. Some good questions are –

  • “How much time does the hygienist usually get for each patient?”
  • “Does the hygienist also handle anyone who has been recalled?”
  • “Could I have the tour of the clinic/office?”
  • “Do you have any doubts in my abilities that you would like to voice now?”

You should never say “No” if they ask you if you have any questions. Remember you were supposed to do your background research? This will come in handy now to help you think of a question. Study the interviewers and accordingly ask the right questions in the end.

After the interview, write a personalized ‘Thank you’ note for the interviewers and send it over soon. Alas, the only sure way of getting better at interviews is to give more of them. But, if you do follow our tips, chances are that we will soon be coming to you to get our teeth cleaned. So, don’t sit around, suit up and get going for that first interview!